Respire's work is custom to the organization and centers around the following two areas of transformative change:


Respire works with organizations that want to deepen connection to their funders and develop a growing community of funders and supporters. We work with development teams, leadership teams and, if desired, the Board of Directors using live workshops, ongoing curriculum, and established processes to transform the culture of the organization to one with higher visibility funding and high impact service to the world.  

The intent of all of this work is that, longer term, management and staff are freed up to further focus on excellence in their mission and service rather than constantly reacting to find low visibility sources of funding for constant budget needs.

Our clients have included:

Restore NYC, The War Horse, The Coburn Ventures Community for Change


Giving in its traditional sense is transforming. Respire's Ebb and Flow service works with individuals, families, teams and businesses to create hyper-personalized, integrated approaches to giving and service. Respire works with NGO's, social entrepreneurs and individuals and families to identify matches for strategy, development and the exchange of resources of all types.


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All photography by Jared Chambers.